About Team Fontanetta

Timing is Everything

Timing—it is often said—can make a world of difference when introducing a new business or venture. That’s why Ann and Frank Fontanetta waited until just the right moment to team-up with Fairway Independent Mortgage.

Frank was at the peak of a career that spanned over 25 years in the lending industry.  Similarly, Ann was at the apex of a 20-year career, with the last 11 spent as Director of MSC Mortgage, the in-house lending arm of Michael Saunders & Company.     

As luck would have it, much of Frank and Ann’s experience had come from working in tandem with one another at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, where Frank had been instrumental in forming the company’s highly successful joint venture with Michael Saunders & Company.   Afterwards, Ann was tapped to lead the new mortgage division that arose from the venture.    

Meanwhile, Fairway Independent Mortgage had also been on a successful long-term trajectory.  Now ranked as one of the top 10 mortgage companies in America by Mortgage Executive Magazine, the company has funded more than $50 billion in loans since it started more than 20 years ago; and over $17.5 billion in 2016 alone.

It was almost inevitable that Frank and Ann would eventually cross paths with Fairway Independent Mortgage.  When they finally did, Florida’s economy was booming again after the Great Recession and its real estate markets were setting new records.  Fairway Independent Mortgage was fresh off one of its most productive years ever and Team Fontanetta was ready to join forces with the company to begin serving the mortgage needs of home buyers throughout Southwest Florida.  

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