About Me

I have been in the banking and mortgage for more than 20 years. I have funded a wide range of products: residential, commercial, and business loans. I also have funded private and hard money since 2002 t on investment properties. 

After the fall of real estate mortgage in 2008, I have witnessed many home owners have lost their investment through foreclosures through many reasons sickness, divorces, and the lost of employments. The subsequence, many people have lost their credits.They have lost them all. Their financial and lives turned upside down over night. I was once an active  foreclosure acquisition manager for an investment firm. I saw many families have lost all their investments. Therefore, my mission is to help families to own their homes again. My wish is to build a strong community through home ownership's,  a safe community for our children, and a vital small businesses. My mission is to serve you and the community. I will be grateful for your trust of referring of your friends and families to my business. I will find the best loan options for them.  

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