About Me


I’m a 16-year veteran of the mortgage and real estate industry, certified as a Mortgage Planner through the CMPS (Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist) Institute. I spend a great deal of time with each of my clients to develop a personal financial plan centered around the proper mortgage to meet their needs.


As a professional educator and trainer, it is my goal to prepare and explain to my clients, for both purchases and refinances, all aspects of their pending loan transaction. Getting a home loan could be one of the largest financial transactions and investments you’re going to ever make.

You need an advisor who will take on the role of advocate to guide you and protect your interests as you purchase a home. I go out of my way to make sure that every question that you have is answered and explained thoroughly. I have helped hundreds of people get the most out of their mortgages.


It is my aim and focus to stay in front every possible loan strategy and loan option to best give my clients the ability to make wise decisions about the loan products and terms they choose.

I constantly study the market and economic trends to stay in front of new industry changes, improvements in technology, fluctuations in interest rates and loan product guidelines. I am positioned to protect your long-term Interests because the heart of my business is taking seriously the task you provide me, and I will always operate on your behalf.


With a reputation built on client focus and an in-depth knowledge of mortgage products and industry trends, my team and I have consistently proven over the years our ability to accurately assess which loan product would help benefit each borrower based on their specific situations. We also help minimize confusion by presenting relevant choices for individual borrowers, so they may confidently make informed decisions.

I pride myself on my dedication and work ethic, which have led to long-standing relationships within the mortgage loan and real estate community. I am blessed to work with repeat clientele who gladly recommend my services to family, friends and coworkers. I hope to have the chance to offer you the same level of service, dedication, knowledge and guidance so that you too will become a satisfied, long-term client.