Satisfied Client - Charity Was so awesome. She got me pre approved, guided me through the steps and was very knowledgeable and helpful. She even got me back all my earnest money. Thank you so much Charity. You’re really awesome.


Kari Bannister - We'd been trying to buy a house for years when we were referred to Charity. She worked with us for over a year to get into the right situation where we were able to purchase. Even with all the bumps and road blocks we encountered along the way she remained professional and went above and beyond to get us into our dream home.


Sarah Sloan - Charity definitely displayed her professionalism and maintained a positive outlook during our most recent experience with Guaranteed Rate.
She made herself available to answer our questions, which I am certain at times, were less than convenient.
It is easy to tell that Charity is extremely passionate and sincere about helping her clients, and for that we are very appreciative!


Matt Kuck - Being a disabled veteran, not a lot of lenders are knowledgeable about the benefits we have.
Some will make you pay thousands of dollars more because of this.
I shopped around got the lowest interest rate and low fees even many waived due to her knowledge. I highly recommend her!


Tami Clark - There is little more frustrating than dealing with unresponsive folks during this already frustrating process. Charity was extremely responsive and took the time to answer my (MANY) questions along the way. I was very involved (more so than many-sorry) and she didn't ever make me feel like I was an inconvenience.


Jessica Modeer - Charity was helpful, responsive and professional. She worked hard to navigate our complicated self-employed tax return and enabled us to purchase our dream home. I heartily recommend Charity.