About Jake Martin

My "Why"

I grew up in a small town with great parents and loving grandparents. However, nobody taught my Grandma and Grandpa how to use money wisely or make smart financial decisions, and they saw the ramifications of it. They were the most loving and caring people, but ended up filing bankruptcy in their late 60's, and because of this they were always stressed and never had any money. They have since both passed away, but I have made it my life goal to help people make smart financial decisions. 

I do this by making sure my clients are fully taken care of and fully understand their loan and what they are getting into. I strive to treat every client like how I would treat my own family. My favorite part of my job is helping people get into a home when they never thought it would be possible, or helping a new family expand into a home that fits them. In any circumstance I would love to see how I can help you make a smart financial decision and if I do not think it is one, I will let you know.