About Jonathan Brewer

Hello Friend! I truly appreciate you stopping by my page so you can get to know me a little bit. Nothing to be afraid of here, I’m an ordinary guy. First of all, I’m Jonathan Brewer. I have a wife Kim and our Yorkie dogs Bonnie and Belinda have both passed on now. We miss them. Belinda has her own book and Facebook page that has more followers than I have friends. Bonnie was already deceased when the book and Facebook page was developed. We now have Buffy, a senior rescue dog who is still full of spunk, she has a Facebook page also. 

I’ve lived in the Elizabethton, TN all my life as were my parents up until a few years ago. My dad Don died of complications with cancer and my mother Joyce decided she wanted to move a bit further south and moved near some family in South Carolina. Quite the surprise move. She likes it there and I’m amazed that only 4 hours away or so is 5-10 degrees warmer all the time seems like. Hmmm…what else? How about my working past? I’ve been a factory worker, Quality Control Technician, Production Planner, Real Estate Broker, Inventory Analyst, Supply Chain Coordinator and currently a Mortgage Loan Originator. 

I like to travel, recline on couch watching TV or surfing the web and summertime and the great outdoors. I also like new experiences of all kinds and sitting by the fireplace watching the firelight flicker warming my bones in the winter. I can do without the cold though, well maybe a few days are OK just to be festive. I graduated Elizabethton High School in 1987. Took some time off after high school and was in and out of college for a while at ETSU. I tried to enjoy life some. Got a decent job working in factory and bought a boat and had like three cars…why three cars I don’t know. Young and dumb. I spent all the time I could at Watauga lake for a few years. That I don’t regret one bit. It was a great deal of fun and met a lot of people. 

Later on I went back to college at Tusculum and completed my bachelors in Organizational Management. That led to some better jobs. I’ve had a varied experience working and learned about all kinds of things. I don’t know what else I can tell you right off since I don’t usually talk about myself that much. If you have any questions, please ask. I won’t bite, I promise! Also of course I would like to ask you for your mortgage business.