About Me

Joe Dimeo has been in the construction and real estate industries since he could walk. In high school, he spent time working on job sites and got his real estate license at the age of 18. This year he decided he could better serve his clients by changing his role from Realtor to Loan Officer, and he could not be happier about the switch. A lifetime of experience in the housing industry allows Joe to anticipate problems before they become an issue.

When asked what his greatest strength is, he said, "I think it’s my ability to see things from all sides. I've been the builder of a home and the Realtor, I've been the buyer of the home and the seller, and now I get the chance to help people find the right mortgage options when financing their homes. At this point, there’s not a whole lot I haven’t seen."

When asked about why he joined Fairway, his answer was quick. "Joining Fairway was an easy decision once I got to meet everyone in the company. There’s a sense of community and a good vibe when you walk into the building. Sometimes you just know where you're supposed to be.” When asked why a client should choose to work with him, he stated simply, "You're buying a home. You should feel good about your decision and proud of what you are accomplishing. I feel lucky to help you along the way!" 

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