About Me

For nearly 20 years, Kim Smith was a math teacher and a homeowner. As a mortgage loan originator, she now blends her passion and experience in both of these realms to assist clients as they take an important financial step. She can confidently work with a variety of individuals, utilizing her teaching experience to educate applicants on the options available to them, the loan process and the homework they will need to complete in order to close their loans. Kim’s strong mathematical knowledge enables her to “crunch the numbers” and analyze data to produce the best results for her clients. In addition, she has personally navigated the mortgage loan process as a homeowner in a wide variety of transactions, including conventional and FHA mortgages, refinances, second mortgages, construction and renovation loans. Outside of work, Kim spends time renovating and undertaking home improvement projects. She is a determined individual who is able to problem-solve and seek out viable solutions when challenges arise, and she does not underestimate the value and importance of working well as a team to accomplish a common goal. Kim works diligently to help her clients achieve their homeownership goals.

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