Larry Zech Bio

A vast amount of his career has been devoted to helping over 2500 families obtain and retain their portion of the American Dream of home ownership. Over the span of his forty-year career in Real Estate/Mortgage Finance, his exposure to the multitude of personalities, transactions and opportunities, has allowed him to develop strategies to create wealth for his clients far above their expectations. 

There is much more to consider when selecting a loan than just payment and interest rate. The loan product that is utilized, should not be considered a commodity, but rather, it should be viewed as a powerful financial instrument, that when properly selected, will facilitate; increased liquidity and safety, optimized monthly cash-flow, and maximized tax-deductible considerations.  

As a liability and asset strategist, Larry ensures that his clients avoid unnecessarily and unknowingly transferring their wealth to others over their lifetime of buying, selling, or refinancing their real property. By employing his unique consultative and educational approach, with his client’s consent, he creates a comprehensive financial strategy uniquely crafted for each individual client’s needs. Personally, Larry has been responsible for funding nearly $ ¾ billion in real estate loans. Having been recognized as a top-producer nationally, the accomplishments for which he is most proud include; his over forty year marriage to his beautiful wife and his gift of four children and eight grandchildren. He resides in San Luis Obispo, CA and serves in their non-denominational Christian Fellowship.

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