About Len Zavala

Len Zavala grew up in the Northeastern part of the United States where he attended St. Peter’s University in Jersey City, New Jersey. He entered into the technology industry becoming the proud CEO and Founder of several technology companies specializing in technology infrastructure and IT, outsourcing of technology products and professional services to the small and midsized markets. 

In 2003 Len sold his company, Universal Access Consulting, putting his family first and wanting to provide a better quality of life for his wife Erin and two young sons Branden and Alex. Soon after Len’s wife returned home from visiting a friend in Arizona, he decided to book a trip to visit the Valley of the Sun to see what it was all about. He says, “By the time I got back on the plane to return home, I bought my family our new home in Gilbert, Arizona.” “I was going to have the time and freedom to raise my family and enjoy all that Arizona has to offer. 

After spending more than 20 years in the technology business, Len made the choice to shift his career path from technology to the banking and financial services world as a Customer Assistant Specialist doing home loan modifications. Advancing quickly, he transitioned into the role of Corporate Relationship Manager in 2012 and managed a portfolio of over 40 corporate clients totaling gross sales of over $3.5 billion. Having been in this role was rewarding, however, he missed the passion of sales and customer interaction. “I found the experience of home loan modifications very rewarding and helping people buy their dream home was the driving force to getting my Loan Officer’s license. 

Len still lives with his wife Erin in Gilbert and enjoys spending time with his grown boys, traveling and staying physically fit and active. Len is also fluent in Spanish and English and looks forward to creating new relationships and business in his new adventure.