About Marc Powarczuk

The core of my success has been built by treating people the way that I want to be treated; with respect, honesty, commitment and an open mind to listen and hear what they’re saying, and to honor it regardless of my belief. I take the time to educate my clients on the constantly changing market and I set realistic expectations in order to successfully achieve their goals.

My strengths are the backbone of my client’s experience. I am compulsive when it comes to attention to detail and I explain things how they are and not just what a client wants to hear. I care about people and value the importance of helping each other. I am humble in my surroundings and make people feel comfortable and at ease during the loan process. I adapt to my clients, rather than only do things my way.

The focus of my job is to understand my client’s wants, needs and goals. Only after these three items are recognized, can I evaluate their current scenario and present them with their options. As a mortgage professional, I leverage my experience within the industry to give my clients an educated suggestion of their options. I empower my clients to make their own decision, based on the facts and that this is their investment. I am a resource for my clients to utilize, so that they can make responsible decisions to benefit themselves financially.

My commitment to excellence does not stop after business hours. My true success is defined by my personal level of happiness. I am blessed to have a wonderful family that supports my busy career and whom are understanding to the demanding level of commitment that I give to my clients.

When I’m not working, you will find me enjoying one of the many wonders that Oregon has to offer. Whether it’s golfing in Bend, fishing for steelhead on the Deschutes River, skiing on Mt. Hood or just relaxing indoors to the sound of a crackling fire and rain on the roof, I value the time I get to enjoy with my family & friends.

You may see the same doctor when you're ill, go to the same accountant each year to do your taxes and seek that same friend when you need advice or someone to talk to. I want to be your Mortgage Professional and help you with all of your mortgage related needs. I build relationships with my clients for life!