About Michael

Mike Johnson serves as a mortgage loan originator for the Wood Group at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation. Approaching his 10-year anniversary living in his adopted state of Texas with an added 20 years of finance experience, Mike relishes his role as a guide helping Texans finance their homes. Every home mortgage is as unique as the families we finance, and by partnering with Fairway, Mike is able to create consistent remarkable experiences for the families he serves. Ask Mike WHY he loves the mortgage process and he will tell you without pause that; 

“Every time I get to help a family with financing, I am reawakened to my love of this state that welcomed me with open arms and the vibrant people that make up its story of family, faith, and community.”


Our Exponential Growth

Proves Our Rates and Service.


With decades of experience in finance you are sure to find an ally ready to get past any obstacles standing in your path to home ownership. No matter where you are in the mortgage or home shopping process give Mike a quick call or drop an email and he’ll set up a free zero-obligation consultation to make sure you are given the service you deserve during each step of the process. His straightforward approach to the pre-approval process ensures that you get off to the absolute best start in your search for financing your dream home. Even if you are already working with another lender, He’s always happy to take a look at your current deal to make sure the numbers add up.

Whether you’re looking for help setting up your home buying budget or if you’re already out there shopping for a home, Text or Call Mike with any of your questions.  He is ready to listen, discover, and help guide you and your family through your Texas home buying experience.


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