About Me

I have been in the mortgage business for over twenty-seven years. I started out as a processor for two years.  After learning more about the business i became a contract mortgage underwriter for seven years.  I worked for GE Mortgage and underwrote broker business for Margaretten Financial and Chemical Bank for the states of New Jersey and Florida.

After the first nine years i became a Mortgage Loan Originator in 1999.   The greatest thing i can say about being a Loan Officer is a young couple buying their first home. The one thing i have always used as a tool in this business is, "treating people the same as i would want to be treated".   Through the years i have been accustomed to the realtor business.   Realtors are loyal people and you always treat them with respect.

In closing, to me all borrowers are the same.  Whether its a half a million dollar home or their first starter home,  these borrowers put their trust in me to let them know which program suits their needs.  My greatest  satisfaction in this business is to know someone who i have helped in the past, send me his or her friend or family member because they trust me.

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