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In a town of only 12,000, William Dawes is making the most of his rural Salem, Ohio, community. He is in the Top five of producers for Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation and will close 260 loans in 2016. With his clients primarily interested in U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) loans and down payment assistance grants, he has earned the recognition of a Top 20 producer nationwide for USDA loans and has been for the last four years consecutively. “You can have that level of production in a small town,” he says. “You can help that many people in a small town.”

Working with a team of four that includes his wife, a loan officer, and his mother, who provides credit assistance, Dawes entered the mortgage industry from the finance and accounting business in 2001. His mother was already in the business at the time and was looking for some help of her own. Dawes decided to join her and hasn’t looked back since, amassing 15 years in the business to date. Today, with Fairway as branch manager, he has created a business that is prospering with a massive 84 percent referral rate that primarily comes from realtors. He knows the value of providing good customer service to his clients and prides himself on having everything they are looking for at a moment’s notice. “I’m a believer of having access to information to answer any question in 30 seconds,” he says. “The level of updates we give is second to none. If everyone had our system their lives would be much easier.” Click Here To Read More