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A proud corporate sponsor of The Boot Campaign who promotes awareness of veteran's issues, raises funds for military charities and provides a tangible way for Americans to show patriotism. The Boot Campaign is a cultural phenomenon that has ignited a new revolution of expressing one's patriotism. Who could have guessed that answering the call to "get your BOOTS on" would have such an impact in the lives of civilians and military personnel in America? Lacing up a pair of boots creates a platform of patriotism that results in an astonishing amount of awareness and support of the needs of our soldiers both active duty and retired. At Fairway we pride ourselves on holding the Military Mortgage Specialist designation and we are here to protect those who have served so honorably to protect us. It's not just the ability of offering VA loans, it's helping the client find the best financial option for their family whether that be FHA, USDA, Conventional or VA financing.  

In the highly competitive world of mortgage financing, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation is a company where customer service is a way of life and our focus on making a difference in the lives of our clients never wavers. Company President Steve Jacobson exemplifies the corporate philosophy. "We're a team," says Jacobson. "Fairway, the lender and the customer. We work together to make the dream of owning a home a reality." 

Fairway Mortgage works with more than 150 lenders nationwide to find the most competitive rate for its customers, regardless of financial history. Because Fairway is a mortgage banker with brokerage capabilities, rather than a direct lender, it has the flexibility to work with numerous lenders until it finds the right one for the customer's needs. Says Jacobson, "And when you come right down to it, all the experience in the world doesn't matter to you unless we get you a mortgage."

While the best mortgage rate may be the initial reason for choosing a Fairway, quick turn-around and service are what really set us apart. Says Jacobson, "We understand that the process of buying a home can be scary and nerve-wracking, especially for first-time home buyers."

"Our goal at Fairway is to streamline the process, to do whatever we can to put our customers at ease, and to expedite the process. "To reduce the possibility of last minute complications, Fairway makes it a policy to have paperwork ready as early as possible. According to Jacobson, "We routinely have the papers at the realtor's one or two days before the closing. And, our staff makes it a policy to attend the closing in case any questions arise."

We offer free preapprovals and prequalifications. Please feel free to have a Fairway professional assist you with your financing needs.  

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