Introducing CrediTool

Creditool is a free credit improvement service that Fairway offers to assist our loan originators and loan applicants. Once Fairway has a file with credit report in Encompass and have determined the borrower(s) need increased credit scoring, credit clean-up, or need to build scoring, you can complete and submit the Creditool Request Form in Encompass.

  • Need to help borrower(s) increase their score in the loan process to receive best possible interest rate for their financing
  • Borrower's credit needs to be cleaned up to raise score
  • Borrower has no current credit accounts or scoring and needs traditional credit in order to qualify for the loan product that's best for them
  • Borrower needs help paying off collections
  • Borrower has some inaccurate data reporting in their credit that needs to be corrected and updated

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Free Credit Reports, Get The Facts

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