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Help Your Employees Buy or Re-Finance a Home!
Some companies claim that it costs an average employer over $10,000 to hire,
train an employee and according to the
US Bureau of Labor 
the average employee will stay at the job less than 4 years.
That is about $2500 a 
year average per employee. 

In the day of cost cutting and budget trimming, keeping employees is 
crucial for all employers and managers to look at ways to find to nurture 
and keep employees who will give your company stability, productivity,
profitability and growth.

Here is a simple strategy to develop hard working with strong ethic 
employee, Homeownership 

1. Homeowners employees desire to see the company grow.
2. Homeowners employees miss less work and more willing to work overtime.
3. Homeowners employees see long-term value of their work.
4. Homeowners employees work harder and longer

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