Vanity Domain Request Form

  • This form is for licensed personnel who are using either a Fairway Corp Website (FREE), Motivator website (PAID), or other 3rd party website platform. If using Motivator or a 3rd party, please contact your provider to help facilitate setting up your vanity domain.

  • Before submitting your Vanity Domain Request, please ensure the vanity domain that you want is available by clicking here to search for your preferred domain name. Fairway does not reserve Premium or Auctioned domains.

Please fill out the form below to request your vanity domain
If you are using a 3rd party website platform, you may have to contact your service provider for assistance with setting up your vanity domain.
*PLEASE NOTE - Preferred vanity domain is what you want to choose for marketing purposes. In order to verify if it's available please click here to search & find your domain name.

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