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Fairway Notice for Settlement Agents and Attorneys: Closepin Due-Diligence Requirements

What is Closepin?

Closepin is the preferred wire verification and compliance platform for Fairway Independent Mortgage. We verify closing agents/attorneys to reduce risk and simplify the compliance process. As a requirement for loans closing with Fairway, a Closepin profile is used to collect and store compliance documents such as the following:

  1. Proof of insurances: E&O, Fidelity/Surety Bonds, Cyber
  3. Licenses/Bar number for your agency and all attorneys or agents.
  5. Wire-Instructions: Securely upload wire info with PDFs for any active accounts you use.

At Closepin, our goal is to create an agent friendly experience providing a platform to securely storeinformation. To ensure a smooth compliance validation, please do the following:

  1. Create a Closepin profile for your company if one does not already exist.
  3. Make sure all branch address and contact information is added and correct.
  5. Add all closing agents and employees who handle closing documents and compliance information. Non-licensed closers must also be listed in the profile as users to ensure validation of contact information.
  7. Upload all requested insurance and license documents including any wire instructions.
  9. Check the terms and conditions then click FINISH to activate your profile.