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Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation Continues to Put Employees Health First

January 12, 2022
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Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation Continues to Put Employees Health First

Madison, WI., January 12, 2022 – As Covid-19 infection levels shatter records nationwide due to the  surge of the Omicron variant, numerous companies, school systems and  organizations face pushback from workers mandated to return to work in  person. Top-10 national mortgage lender Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, however, continues to allow its employees to choose whether to return to the office or not.

“Fairway implemented a work-from-home policy immediately after Covid  hit in March of 2020,” said Julie Fry, Fairway’s Chief Human Resources  Officer. “We’ve continued to assure our teammates that the decision to  return to the office is theirs and theirs alone.” More than 80 percent of Fairway  employees continue to work from home.

Fairway’s dedication to prioritizing its employees’ safety and health  also encompasses several innovative wellness initiatives. Fairway made  pro-grade exercise machines available to employees with more than a year  of service enabling them to work out at home, and the company  distributed 5,828 machines at a cost of $19.6 million. Fairway also  offers virtual fitness classes for employees and their families as well  as parenting webinars and extensive mental health resources.

“The flexibility that Fairway has shown in allowing employees to  return to the office or remain at home has greatly reduced stress,” said  Amy Slotnik, SVP at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation. “Knowing  that going back to the office was my choice and not a forced mandate  gave me the freedom to decide what was best for me and my family. From  the start of the pandemic, Fairway has supported its employees’ health,  both physical and mental, above all else.”

Throughout the pandemic, Fairway has granted its teammates extra  personal time off to deal with Covid-related challenges – time off that  didn’t reduce an employee’s standard PTO.

Anticipating its employees would want additional information about  Covid and the company’s response, throughout the pandemic Fairway’s CEO  Steve Jacobson has sent out daily messages of encouragement to all  employees, and Fairway holds regular Covid update calls, including  special guest experts, during which teammates can ask questions and  receive answers. Fairway also maintains a dedicated email address  employees can use to ask Covidspecific questions any time of day.

Fairway’s non-profit charitable arm Fairway Cares continued its  distribution of financial assistance and care packages delivered to  individuals and families dealing with critical illness, physical trauma,  or the loss of a loved one. Following the outbreak of Covid, Fairway  Cares delivered more than 200 nutrition bundles to frontline workers,  and over the past two years, the nonprofit distributed 728 financial  grants and 3773 care packages to those in need.

Fairway’s employee-centric response to the pandemic is one reason why  its teammates voted Fairway No. 1 on the Top Workplaces USA ranking for  companies with more than 2,500 employees in 2021 by Energage.

About Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation (NMLS #2289) is a full-service mortgage lender with a wide array of  innovative products that help make homeownership more affordable with  the speed and service its clients deserve. Based in Madison, Wisconsin,  Fairway is dedicated to finding great mortgage options and providing  some of the fastest turn times for its borrowers.

Since opening our doors 25 years ago, our team has helped thousands  of Americans achieve their dream of homeownership. We have been  dedicated to providing unparalleled customer service. Fairway now  employs nearly 11,000 team members, including more than 3,000 producers  and over 600 branches nationwide. With a strong focus on purchase  business, we continue to grow each year, funding more than $71 billion  in 2021. Putting Americans in homes is what we do! #FairwayNation

We strive to exceed expectations, guarantee satisfaction and earn trust. For more information, visit and

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