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Fairway Independent Mortgage Review 2017

March 7, 2017
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Fairway Independent Mortgage Review 2017

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp. wants to simplify the mortgage lending process in ways that will save customers time and money. It offers borrowers a robust suite of loan products and customer service touch points to do just that.

From the usual stable of fixed-rate conventional loans and adjustable-rate mortgages to FHA, USDA, VA, renovation and reverse mortgage loans, Fairway has something for nearly every type of borrower. Founded in Madison, Wisconsin, in 1996, Fairway has grown into a national independent brokerage network with more than 4,300 employees — including more than 1,500 loan officers — in over 300 branches. It also has a second corporate headquarters location in Carrollton, Texas.

Let’s see how Fairway Independent Mortgage stacks up against other lenders. Click to Read Full Article