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#FairwayJOY Week l May 6-10, 2019

May 6, 2019
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#FairwayJOY Week l May 6-10, 2019

It's no secret... We have a lot of JOY here at Fairway. #FairwayJOY was introduced in May 2016 with the adoption of #FairwayJOY Week, which will always be held the first full week of May. #FairwayJOY initiates the act of spreading JOY to others as a way of sharing the happiness that fills the hearts of all Fairway employees. Acts and words of encouragement can be shared on social media and via email to

The month of May celebrates JOY, caring, kindness and happiness at Fairway. But, #FairwayJOY is a movement... and it continues all year round.

Watch our Recap Video for this year - #FairwayJOY Week 2019


Countless emails and social posts were shared by Fairway employees—demonstrating all of the amazing acts being performed around the entire country. Gathered below are some of the highlighted activities that our employees completed. We hope these acts will inspire you to spread JOY all year round!​

  • Our Madison HR Corporate Office participated in a snack drive for Hawthorne Elementary School. Other HR groups volunteered their time at Second Harvest Food Pantry, Sunshine Supper Club, handed out flowers to a local nursery home, and brought joy to our fellow employees by handing out balloons and treats!  
  • Our Texas HR Corporate Office participated in giving back to Operation Kindness by volunteering and donating items in need. We opened the donation drive up to both Golden Trail and Marsh Lane employees – what a success!
  • Fairway employees brought goodies to local fire and police departments, treated individuals to lunches, and paying it forward at Starbucks.
  • Employee’s children got involved too by donating items, volunteering their time, and even using their allowance to help fund joyful acts :-)
  • Food Drive was a big one this year. Lots of successes recorded and FLS continues into Week 2 with their collection. 533 donation items so far!!
  • Many thoughtful cards of gratitude and flowers floating around.. one of the best ways to show JOY to one another. It doesn’t end here, it continues all year round. It’s just part of our culture at Fairway!

Spread the JOY

We invite anyone (within Fairway or outside of Fairway) to keep the JOY alive! Post your JOY on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and/or Instagram by using #FairwayJOY or send us your JOY activities by emailing the #FairwayJOY Team at!

Did you know we have a #FairwayJOY Facebook Group?? Click HERE to join and keep up with what our #FairwayNation has been up to.

Find JOY

To keep up with acts of JOY, type in #FairwayJOY in the search option of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram!