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Fairway Stories

The Story of Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

Every mortgage company has a beginning. Listen to founder and CEO Steve Jacobson share the story of Fairway, highlighting the core values that guide the way it supports its clients and employees, as well as how the experiences of his upbringing have molded the company’s foundation.

Fairway Stories: Guiding First-Generation First-Time Homebuyers

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation highlights Shonn Herring, who is a first-generation homeowner and a first-time homebuyer. When it came to his situation, he had everything he needed to become a homeowner but a guide to help him along the way.

Fairway's Leslie Black Team

Mortgage Branch Manager Leslie Black and her team of mortgage professionals recently joined forces with national powerhouse Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation to expand Fairway's presence in the greater Los Angeles market. Hear from Leslie and her team about why they chose Fairway, and why they're excited about being able to work with borrowers and realtors in one of the country's biggest markets.

Fairway Stories: Going the Extra Mile on Complicated Loans

In this Fairway Mortgage Story, we share how a Fairway mortgage loan officer was able to help out a homebuyer facing hard times and tough decisions. We know how difficult, frustrating and scary the mortgage loan process may be, that is why we are here to assist! Our goal at Fairway Independent Mortgage is to put people in homes.

Fairway Stories: How Fairway Cares About Helping Veterans

Fairway mortgage loan officers are dedicated each and every Friday for #REDFriday. Backed by our non-profit, the American Warrior Initiative (AWI), we are able to fundraise and help out Veterans in need all across the country – but it doesn't stop there. See how Fairway Mortgage makes a difference in their lives with the gift of a home. Helping our veterans get into homes is what we do!