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In The Community

The Story of Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

Every mortgage company has a beginning. Listen to founder and CEO Steve Jacobson share the story of Fairway, highlighting the core values that guide the way it supports its clients and employees, as well as how the experiences of his upbringing have molded the company’s foundation.

The Brewers and Fairway Reunite with Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity

For the third year in a row, Fairway teams up with the Brewers Community Foundation and Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity to support our community. We are honored for the continued opportunity to work with such dedicated individuals to share the joys of homeownership.

Fairway Stories: How Fairway Cares About Helping Veterans

Fairway mortgage loan officers are dedicated each and every Friday for #REDFriday. Backed by our non-profit, the American Warrior Initiative (AWI), we are able to fundraise and help out Veterans in need all across the country – but it doesn't stop there. See how Fairway Mortgage makes a difference in their lives with the gift of a home. Helping our veterans get into homes is what we do!

American Warrior Initiative (AWI) Service Dog Documentary

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation founded the veteran non-profit, American Warrior Initiative (AWI) which funds local branch efforts to help disabled veterans. The objective of Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation's non-profit American Warrior Initiative 501(c)3 is to educate, encourage and inspire Americans to give back to our military.

Fairway Cares: The Art of Crafting Care Packages

Seth Hertler is a United States Air Force veteran with a passion for ceramics. Once contacted by Fairway, Seth started to create one-of-a-kind mugs from start to finish to send to Fairway Cares package recipients. Fairway Cares is one of the non-profit arms within the company that gives back to our employees when they are going through significant changes in life and could use a helping hand. With Seth's help, we make sure that every Fairway employee knows they are taken care of. Take a moment to learn about Seth and his creation process taking us from clay to kiln to shipping and receiving.